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matty small/monika forsberg amsterdam 1999

3 Minute Wonder – call complaints

Report for Call : 2320493. Date : 29/11/2004 17:03 by KHANG

Explicit sex before 9pm
This cartoon depicted explicit, graphic acts of sexual intercourse and showed female genitalia. It also showed machine gun use and murder. Such acts are not suitable to be shown at 19:55 when children are likely to be viewing.

Transmission Date: 11 November 2004
Transmission Time: 19:55
TV / Radio Station: Channel 4
Programme /Advertiser: 3 Minute Wonder: His Passionate Bride

Representation of sexual intercourse - albeit in animated form - strong reaction - SC

Offensive Sexual Content [For 8pm!]
despite being [as i see it] a very liberal minded person, i feel that this programme was put on at an inappropriate time of day. the sexual content between the cartoon characters [oral sex, masturbation, etc.] was, although humorous, not suited to this pre-watershed time. you probably have to read hundreds of these a day, so hello! hope you're okay. and thanks :)

Transmission Date: 11/11/04
Transmission Time: 19:55
TV / Radio Station: Channel 4
Programme /Advertiser: 3 Minute Wonder: His Passionate Bride

Extremely Appalled and Upset
I am very upset and shocked at what I watched last night on Channel 4 well before the so called watershed.

I was sitting down with my three young children to watch River Cottage when at 19:55 there was to be a short animation, no problem so i thought I was sadley wrong its content was extremely pornographic very violent and even showed a homosexual act.

I could'nt beleive that such content was shown at this time sandwiched between family viewing programmes.

It should of been showned well after any watershed. Whoever is in charge of scheduling or vetting these annimations at C4 should be taken to task.

And in the listings it is presented as a Short animation: the greatest, sexiest - and shortest - love story of the Millenium, which will attract younger viewers thinking they are to see a nice cartoon.

Transmission Date: 11/11/04
Transmission Time: 19:55
TV / Radio Station: Channel 4
Programme /Advertiser: 3 Minute Wonder: His Passionate Bride

Sexually Explicit pre-watershed
This animated short story was far too sexually explicit to be shown pre-watershed

Transmission Date: Thursday 11th November 2004
Transmission Time: 7:55pm
TV / Radio Station: Channel 4
Programme /Advertiser: 3 minute wonder

Channel4 3 Minute wonder: His passionate
I had Channel 4 on, ready to catch the latest episode of Beyond River Cottage and caught this animation. As I was watching with my 9 year old son I was alarmed to see that this animation contained sexual references and showed representations of genitalia and of sexual intercourse.

Surely this should have been aired after 9pm? I'm not a prude, but I really felt this to be inappropriate viewing.

a cartoon
this cartoon had a subject matter completely unexceptable for before the watershed. there was images of vaginas, fallacio, shagging you name it. I am young wild and open minded, but this had no business on at 8pm. very very bad.

Offensive/too early
This short cartoon was actually pornographic and should not have been shown at such an early slot.

Transmission Date: 11th November 2004
Transmission Time: 19:55
TV / Radio Station: Channel 4
Programme /Advertiser: 3 Minute Wonder -His passionate Bride

3 Minute Wonder - The Passionate Bride
Animated female lying on a bed with pubic hair showing and then a having sex. And then an animated man going down on another man. {Inappropriate for time of TX}

Disgusting Cartoon
At 5 to 8 at night, a channel 4 programme as part of the Three minute wonder programmes was shown. During the cartoon there were scenes of a very sexual nature involving both male and female and also a suggestion of a sexual act between two males. Also extreme violence was shown. This was watched by myself, my husband and my 6 year old daughter. I was outraged at the offensive images of this programme at such an early time.

Transmission Date: Thursday 11th November 2004
Transmission Time: 19.55
TV / Radio Station: Channel 4
Programme /Advertiser: Three Minute Wonder

Inappropriate pre-watershed material
I was appalled at the sexually explicit nature of this short film. Please explain how this is happening. In a world where sexual abuse is informed by attitudes and beliefs about the sexuality of women and children, I believe this production has been shown irresponsibly before the watershed.

I was saddened to see adult women, portrayed in the manner they were in this cartoon. One might argue it was in irony, others might not be able to see the iron. Hence my position, this type of film, without an audience whome one is assured to not share explicty abusive attitudes simply acts to support and nurture abuse thoughts attitudes and behaviour. I am not one of the loony left or indeed a member of any organisation which might be considered extreme, all I am is an individual who works in the arena of sexual abuse, and who seeks on a daily basis to fight against the preval
ent atttitudes that women and children are disposable sexual commodities. A film such as that portrayed this evening whilst it might be viewed as ironic, or even provocative in debate, simply add s to the difficulty myself and my wider colleagues in this field find when dealing with those who act in a sexually inappropriate manner. If you wish to contact me, or my colleagues we would welcome it. Disgustedly, Diane Newell

Transmission Date: 11.11.04
Transmission Time: 20:00 approx
TV / Radio Station: Channel 4

3 Minute Wonder
Consumer's fax to Stephen Carter raises concerns about sexual content of 3 minute wonder.

Sexual content of program at this time
An animation showing intimate adult relationships. This seemed totally inappropriate to show between the news and Beyond River Cottage at 7.55pm. I watched the fisrt 30secs and switched off in disgust. Whilst the characters were animated the words and the clear sexual nature of the drawings left nothing to the imagination.

Transmission Date: 11/11/04
Transmission Time: 19.55
TV / Radio Station: Channel 4

Three Minute Wonder

I wish to make a complaint with regard to your 'Three Minute Wonder' programme - "His Passionate B
ride" shown on Channel 4 Thursday 11th November at approximately 7.55PM

I watch many of your programmes and derive much pleasure from them but this one was in very poor taste indeed.

Before I say anything else, let me tell you I am an ex-serviceman, married for 38 years with 6 children and 8 grandchildren. I have seen a great deal of life and am no prude but this was surely a step too far. "A Three Minute Blunder".

1) It undoubtedly possessed a tendancy to deprave.

2) It was shown prior to the watershed and violated your promises, when young and impressionable children are watching.

3) It was in my mind, pure pornography - simulated sex -both unecssasry and definietly not entertaining.

4) I and others found it disgusting and unacceptable. Sex is a beautiful gift from God but this only dragged it through the gutter and sent out all the wrong signals.

5) Channel 4 must be scraping the barrel for personnel if this is the best that can be served up to a discerning public.
I sincerely hope we shall not be subjected to this sort of material in the coming days.
Yours sincerely

Unsuitable for screening pre 9pm
This evening following the Ch 4 news we had the unfortunate experience of witnessing a thoroughly disgusting short animation in which images of murder, adultery, homosexual sodomy and oral sex were unthinkingly displayed in complete disregard for the sensibilities of any who find such behaviour offensive and perverse.

It is of course well understood that you have your own perverted multi-cultural agenda to undermine all that is held in respect by the great majority of decent people as has been evidenced on countless occasions. Your programmers seem never to tire in their promotion of anything that undermines the necessary moral principals upon which a stable society rests and particularly the White British Heterosexual Male and his family.

I can picture now the shudder that is passing down your spine as you are forced to read the words decent, moral, and majority within the same sentence.

For those of us with sufficient awareness to spot such bias, your output is easily filtered and seen for what it is; yet another corrosive drip of poison designed to promote the belief that the only objective of the human species is the rapid satisfaction of its most base urges without regard to the future price to be paid by others who do not share that selfish and childish mindset. Others are not so well equipped.

And here we reach the most objectionable aspect of the item in question, that being the time of its screening at 7:55pm.

If you had considered this item at all you would have known that the likelihood of its being viewed by young children was extremely high. This can only lead to the inference that you find such perversion fit and proper entertainment for them. This being the case it seems that you are now actively complicit in the sexual conditioning of children. The media commonly refer to this practice as grooming and this (in case you were not aware) is a criminal offence.
I demand an apology forthwith and details of any sanction and monitoring of
future output that I trust will be applied to the perpetrators of this obsessive propagandist garbage.

Your reply in writing is requested by return,

Yours in despair of the sickening liberal-left morality,

Transmission Date: 11th November 2004
Transmission Time: 19:55
TV / Radio Station: Channel 4
Programme /Advertiser: 3 minute wonder (Animation in Residence)

Three Minute Wonder

I write with serious concern regarding the above programme.
An in depth discussion took place in our office on the morning of Friday, 12 November. A number of mothers & myself were shocked by a cartoon that was shown on Channel 4 the previous evening. In some cases, children aged 9-13 were together with their parents and saw this obscene cartoon.

You may be unaware of the content. Despite the programme being 3 minutes in length and in cartoon format, it was an explicit characterisation of a heterosexual couple fornicating (with sound effects) and then to the horror of many of us, a homosexual couple indulging in oral sex, again with sound effects.

It is astonishing that any programme producers can commit this to air at such a time in the evening. One expects this kind of foul and base programming to be on an obscure satellite channel, not on public television and at prime family viewing time.

Would you kindly assure me you will investigate this situation and not allow material of this nature to be shown at prime time on public television in future.

3MW cartoon show
On the Channel 4 on the 11th November at around 19:56pm Channel 4 showed a 3 minute cartoon programme (3MW). Although in cartoon form I found the content unreasonably sexually graphic, especially for this time slot. I think it would be appropriate for Ofcom to review the content and consider censuring Channel 4.

Chanel 4 cartoon showing sex before 9 oc
Last night 11th Novemmber Channel 4 broadcast a cartoon just before River Cottage at 8 pm. This cartoon depicted the sex act. I was watching with my 9 =year old waiting for Hugh Fernley-Whittingstall. TI'm no prude but this was a completely irresponsible time to be showing such material. Cartoons are of interest to children anyway so she looked up to watch it leaving me searching for the remote to turn it off. Come on! She does not need to know about stuff like this at her age. The nine o'clock water shed is there for a very good reason. Ireally do think that those responsible shold be carpetted over this. What on earth is in their stupid heads?

One of this series of animated short films - entitled "Adult Activities" or some similiar title - contained images which plainly represented nudity, explicit sexual scenes, including intercourse (including fornication?) and also extreme violence.
We found this film to be offensive and think it potentially harmful. Having regard to the need for normal standards of acceptable good taste to be observed by Channel 4 and also the '9 pm watershed',we suspect the transmission of this film at 7.55 pm was illegal.

Your comments will be appreciated, together with a note of any action you judge to be appropriate in this instance.

Three minute Wonder

I was shocked to watch the above animation which contained totally unsuitable material to be shown before 8pm when children are watching. I found it offensive for that time of the day. It was extremely graphic and should have been shown at a much later time.

Three Minute Wonder - explicit pre 9pm
I wish to complain about the Channel 4 program “3-minute Wonder: His Passionate Bride” that was air
ed on 11/11/2004 at 19:57.

This cartoon had graphic depictions of nudity and sexual acts that were totally inappropriate for such an early viewing well before the watershed.

3 Minute Wonder-Sex Scenes
Viewer is a parent who objects to the sex scene that was included in the short film entitled 'his Passionate Bride'. She has many concerns about sexual content in pre-watershed shows.


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